Our Process

Our Process

Extensive experience working as Locum Pharmacists

That’s why we’re dedicated to providing each client with the support, information and knowledge they need to succeed.

At the Locum Blueprint we aim to help both Locum Pharmacists and pharmacy contractors meet where demand requires supply! Our process is simple we help pharmacists interested in increasing locum bookings and locum booking awareness. There are many stages to becoming a great locum pharmacist; we have identified these as being in demand, being organised, being tax efficient and performing well on the dates! Reputation is worth its weight in gold in the pharmacy locum role so if you work as if your name is in lights in the shop front window you should do just fine! The Locum Blueprint is here to save time in the application process; as we complete applications to pharmacy chains and independents on your behalf! We found this was the main bottleneck in developing a system in which you obtain the best job requests and generating enough requests to select the jobs you want over those you need to accept. We will also send out requests from contractors that need great locums to cover selected dates! So our aim is to remove the bottleneck in our locums application process, increase the options and choices of your locum positions and provide advice from our experienced bank of pharmacists! Contact-us now for more information or register-here to get the process started straight away!


  • Visit www.locumblueprint.com.
  • Read and understand the Locum Blueprint process; click the link here our-process and visit the about-us page.
  • Collate information and complete the registration form on our registration page click the link here register-here (you can scan documents using your phone as long as the pictures are clear and no edges are cut off).
  • Begin receiving job posts to your email inbox and via text and smartphone apps.
  • We enjoy taking the leg work out of helping other locums achieve their goals and work life balance. So whilst you are occupied with other duties we safely and securely complete your registrations on your behalf.
  • The Locum Blueprint is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. In doing so we manage data in accordance with the regulations set out under GDPR and only use clients information as they have consented us to do so under the intention of our service.
  • If you would like more information regarding the process, express your interest on the www.locumblueprint.com home page by completing the initial consultation form.

Providing the Blueprint for a Happy, Successful Locum Career

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Address: International House, 12 Constance Street, London, E16 2DQ

Phone: 074250063360

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